The Auto Collection Series is Idaho / Utah's original auto series. Unlike many other car shows on TV, ASC focuses on the local car show scene, owner/builders and all the cool stuff that seems to get ignored by everyone else. What started out as a neat fun little thing we did while attending cars show, we soon discovered this could be bigger than we thought it could be. 4 years on (well 4 seasons really), and we are going strong and the demand is incredible. 

  This season we are taking ACS to a new level, bigger productions, hotter cars, and more automotive STUFF! With Covid backing down, more shows are back on the calenders and we are more free to move about and film once again.   

The Exec. Producer of this show has over 25 years experience in the automotive industry, So you know this isn't just made by a fly by nighter trying to find something to cash in on something. We love cars, bikes and even boats. We will be expanding the ACS experience this year and even be bringing you some winter fun. We never thought a project that started out as being something fun would turn into some thing so big, demanding and serious. The support from fans to keep this show going even after COVID took its' toll on all the car shows last year and especially our production.  





We have some great opportunities for businesses to advertise on our shows. From being a naming sponsor, 15 sec commercials to deals of the week. Advertising with us is more affordable than TV, Radio or Magazine. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Reach the people you need to reach. Our shows are found on ROKU, which is free on all new "Smart TVs" or can be purchased as a device. Our shows have approx 4.8 million installs and is shown all across the US

We are almost complete with our pr-production schedule and will begin filming shortly. We will finish all our filming and editing before we release any episodes this season . We hope to air Episdode 1 Nov, 2021.

Need more info, please let us know.   

Naming Sponor - $10,000 (all benefits) inc 2 sets of 30 sec commercials.
Associate Sponosors - $5,000 (all benefit)  with 2 set of 15 sec commercial at start of show and graphic at end.  
- Advertising on our show. Auto Collection Series, PLUS Raw Cuts. That's 24 episodes.
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- 24 episodes. Need something to suit your budget, contact us.