America's Wildest

A documentary film into the world of custom baggers.
interviews with the builders and owners of these extreme motorcycles.

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BAGGED and TAGGED - America's Wildest Baggers


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Modified custom Harley Davidsons - America's Wildest Baggers

An original and easy to watch documentary film.

From the studios of Film Injected, comes our new documentary film "Bagged & Tagged". We go on the road to find some the the most radical and modified street legal Harley Davidson baggers. We visit the bike shows and workshops. We talk with designers, and builders of these wild and insane bikes. Best of all they're all street legal.

This is not a over the top production with script writers, camera cranes and special FX crews, this is a as raw as it gets. We track down the owners right there at the shows and on the side of the road and even at their jobs while they work. A film that relates to everyone with bikes that everyone could own. And answers that come straight from their mouths. Best of all you won't see the same stuff as you see on TV.

Everything you wanted to know about modifing your Bagger is here on this film. The biggest names in the industry, Jim Nasi, Brian Horstman, John Shope, Nick Trask + many more.


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Featuring in depth interviews with some

tips, tricks and myths about building

a custom bagger. Builders and owners.


An awsomesoundtrack featuring these
bikes. Original music by some of the best

compsers in the "Gaming" indysutry.


Watch something unique. This ain't the

some 'ol bike film like some of the rest,

time to break away from the sheep.

Special guests

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John Shope

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Brian Horstman

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Jim Nasi

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Nick Trask

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Tyler Coletta

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Jeff Goldsbury

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Riverside Harley Davidson




Important notes about Bagged & Tagged
Team Menber

The Bikes

Shop Bikes & Individuals Bikes

When we set out to make this film, we wanted to just concentrate on just Harleys. Yes we know there are some cool Indians and Hondas etc. But we wanted to show some of the outrageous shop built bikes to the bikes built by individuals as well.

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Team Menber

Something Different

No Sturgis...Viva Las Vegas

First thing we did was stay away from Sturgis. Just about every bike film is filmed at Sturgis and it's all the same. So we took a different route. Sturgis is great, but hey lets see something different. Baggers have taken on a new breed of riders, so lets step it up a bit.

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