Welcome to iTEN.TV

Iten.TV is not a commercial network station, nor is it a alternative to the PBS type network.
We are about community involvement and opening opportunities for locals. For the start of 2023 we are offering professionally made videos for their food business. It doesn't matter if your a restaurant or a food truck. NO CHAIN STORES are eligible for this offer.

This is a great oppurtunity to show off your business and attract customers, it's also a great way to show them what you are serving up.

So what does this $250 (norm $1000+) package include:

1. Up to 3 minutes in run time.
2. Basic motion graphics of your logo.
3. Filming.
4. Royalty free music.
5. Basic voice overs (if needed)
6. Editing & finalizing for social media.

What you DON'T get:

1. Custom 3D animations
2. Paid celebrities in your ad
3. NO use of commercial music.
4. NO catchy jingles written.
5. Broadcast or TV airtime on Cable or network television.

If you need something a little more than just basic, you will need to contact us first. This offer is for businesses in or around Boise, ID (30 mile radius).

For additional fees, we can put you on our ROKU channel and advertise your business in one of our locally produced race shows. PLUS, if you need some photography, we can help you with that too.

This offer is good thru to January 31, 2023.

The reason we are offering something so cheap is because we know winter is here, and many business are struggling to keep open. We are just helping everyone get something that is normally out of their budget.

We are former advetrtising executives who have been in this game for over 25 years.




Up to 20 dishes, photographed and edited - $100
Complete restuarant package, Up to 40 Dishes, restaurant shots up to 30 - $200

Advertise with us for 6 months on our ROKU Channel and social media videos $1200


Talk about how your business started, what you specialize in, your best dishes (also need to show them) Usually 3 is sufficent, and why your customers should come to you. Oh and if you have any specials.



Sure you can just film something on your smartphone, but do you think you can entertain your viewers long enough before they move on? A professionally shot video will attract your customers attention, quicker and longer than just a picture or just a shaky long video. Show that you care, show your worthy of their business.



If you have an idea, great. If not we can help you produce something amazing. Then contact us, to see what we can do and arrange a time. Our Turnaround time is approx 3 days.