John D (a.k.A Aussie) - Cinematographer/editor/Exec.producer

With over 25 years experince in the film and music industry, John is a key player at iTEN.TV This former musician turn film maker has learned all the aspects about putting a video together. John has worked on just about every type of filming project there is. From short videos, sports, music videos, TV shows, TV commercials, promotional videos, LIVE events, feature films, video podcasts, weddings and even kids birthday parties. John is also not your "new age" videographer he is professionally trained in Cinematography, not only has he worked on the "old" 16mm & 35mm cameras, but can strip one down and put it together. He has also been trained by some of the best in the industry, inc Oscar winners such as Dion Beebe.

Johns work can be found in magazines, television, films, buses, casinos, race cars and other places we can't mention. His love for motorsports has led his career into many places ie: NASCAR, NHRA, F1, World Rally Championship, MotoGP and numerous other events around the world.

Cinematography - Editing - Visual Effects
Sound Engineer
Graphic Design
Music Production
Custom Motorcycle Building.