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Mike Anderson is from Nampa, ID and has been racing most his life. He races "Winged" and "Non" winged sprint cars. When not racing he can be found doing elctrical work or building race cars. Mike is a simple man, with a heart of gold and will help any racer at the drop of a hat.
When racing, he can be found at any "King of the Wing" events. Tracks include Colorado, Idaho & California. With new tracks coming in 2019, Mike will be racing in Canada as well.


• Won Sportsman of the Year in the Non-Wing Sprints Series in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016

• Won Man of The Year from the Idaho Sprint Car Racing League in 2016

• Received Iron Man ot the Year in 2017 from the King of The Wing Sprint Cars for Asphalt

• Won Rookie of the Year for the King Of The Wing Orchex Series Sprint Cars on 2016

• Finished 4th in the 16’ Championship points standings in the King Of The Wing Orchex Series Sprint Cars

• Finished 4th in the 17’ Championship points standings in the National King of the Wing Sprint Car Series

• Finished 5th in the 7’ Championship points standingsfor the IWS (Idaho Winged Sprint Car Series)

• From 2012 to 2017 for the Non-Wing finished 3 times in the Top 10 and 3 times in the Top 5 in the

Championship points standing
• From 2013 to 2017 won 4 Main Event Races and 8 Fast Heat Wins in the Non-Wing Sprint Cars

"Thanks for visiting my website, and don't forget to come say hello at the races" Anderson 68 Racing


In the workshop

Racing season may be over, but there is plenty for us to do. We are currently re-building the motor in the main "68" car.

"to wing or not to wing"

We don't just race "Winged" sprint cars, but we also have no winged sprint cars. 2019 we hope to have a few more drivers in our team. Stay tuned

The film crew

2019 will bring something new and exciting to Anderson 68 Racing. We'll be bring you more pics, more videos, and hopefully more wins.

MID SEASON - August, 2019

It's been a an excellent season so far, things could have been better, but we are happy we are making changes and improvements. At the start of the season we suffered a major set back with a blown motor at Pensacola. But that is behind us now.

The winged sprint is all set up and working just fine. We have had it out to a few races such as Twin Falls, Meridan, & Colorado, for different events. We have a huge weekend coming up in Aug 31st & Sept 1st. It will be a double header for Anderson 68 Racing, Hermiston & Meridian.

Our Drivers #69 Trevor Anderson & #70 Frank Keller have come a long way this season and have worked hard to get to where they are today.

We have a new Hauler for our cars, and Frank Keller (#70 ) is driving a new car (well a re-built one). Trevor Anderson (#69) is always preping and updating his car. His knowledge is constantly growuing and so are his driving skills.

Mike Anderson (#68) has overcome many issues with the cars both winged & Non-winged. With so many changes and little bugs in the cars, they are slowly being exterminated and will hope fully finish of the year succesfully.

We are constantly posting photos and videos on our Facebook page, so check them out, and if your at the races, don't forget to drop by the pits and say "HI". Also you can see our "King of the Wing" races on ROKU TV...just search "itentv".



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Driver & Team owner
Likes: Heavy Metal, Pizza & Hunting
Drives: A big truck

Ray Blasingame

Right Hand Man
Likes: Opera, Taylor Swift & Hunting
Fun Fact: Makes animal ballons


All Rounder
Likes: Watching movies, Moto X & Hunting
Fun Fact. Likes to entertain and loves Eagle, ID


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