Mike A (a.k.a SIR) - Racing Consultant/Exec.producer

Mike is a multi race car driver, from road course cars to non wing and winged sprint cars. Also one of the most patient and inspiring racers out there. When not on the track breaking records (Hermiston, OR 2019 - Fastest Track Time), he is working carefully on making the "King of the Wing" sprint car series show a success. His passion for the love of race cars has made him want to get into the business of helping to expose the sport further. Not only is he a technical advisor to iTEN.TV for the show but assists in marketing and guidance in the series.

He can also be found organizing Non-winged sprint cars and runs the ISRL series and running the Anderson 68 Racing team, where he manages a few cars and drivers. So if you see him at the track say hi...if you can catch him. This is a man with a mission.

Mike is the Exec. Producer for the following shows:
King of the Wing (TV)
Idaho Sprint Car Racing League (TV)
B-Roll (DVD)
Eleven - (Film) 2021 release