Motorsport Productions Getting you out there

Why you should use us

We have specialized in motorsports for over 25 years with experince in filming for TV, film and national cable companies, we know what it take to get you out there.

Sometimes that extra few dollars & effort can go a long way. But you also need to remember, "someone will always do it cheaper". This isn't always the best decision. Go with what you know and and see samples, at iTEN.TV we will always be upfront with you and never talk you into something that you don't need.

Our team can provide professional filming & photography at very affordable rates. They can be used for all purposes without the addition licensing fees.

Services we provide

  • Filming and promotional videos for teams, sponsors, tracks, social media & TV
  • Photography for all purposes
  • Hero Cards
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Sponsorship Proposals & Media Management

We may not be the cheapest or the most expensive, & we know motorsports is expensive in general so we try and work around budgets. But please be aware, WE DO NOT DO PRICE MATCHING. Our prices are firm and honest. We are good at what we do and we deliver the goods. Sure you can hire a newbie who will do it at a fraction of the cost, but this is your racing career. Sometimes it is impossible to give "Flat Prices" as everyones needs are different. It's like asking "how much to build me a house"? "well what kind of house do you want"?

When contacting us, the best way to get a price is 1. Know your budget 2. What is your end goal or trying to achieve. We have been racers ourselves, so we know what budgets can be like.

NOTE: There may be times when we are booked for certain events, so please contact us first.