Music Videos

One of the most asked questions we get regarding music videos is, "How much does a video cost"? To be honest there is no straight answer. We could make you a video for $1000 to $4.4 million (Michael Jackson "Scream"). The best way to plan for a music video is to know your budget and wait your aiming to achieve. Yes there are people who are starting out and will do one for $500, but it will look like $500 as well. ALSO, never ever let your friends make you a video - WHY? Cause they will never finish it for you.

When making a music video, you need to be realistic and understand what goes into making these. Things such as permits, insurance, rental (equipment, fancy cars, make up artists etc) we can go one. But you need to face the costs money. We are not the cheapest or the most expensive, but we'll give it to you straight.

We have done work for such artists as Kid Rock, Silverchair, Chemical Brothers, Missy Elliot, T.O.D and many more.



music videos


Sample of a $2000 MUSIC VIDEO