Welcome to iTEN.TV

Iten.TV is not a commercial network station, nor is it a alternative to a PBS type network. Nor has it ever received PPP loans.

We are about community involvement and opening opportunities for locals. While PBS is a community station, its programming is limited to educational shows. iTEN. TV is about everything that is relevant for the community. We are open to all types of shows, local sports, cooking shows, news, events and things that matter.

Corporate support for iTEN.TV is a powerful blend of community engagement, corporate / individual philanthropy and market positioning. Through a corporate partnership with iTEN.TV, companies have the opportunity to reach an engaged audience by leveraging iTEN.TV’s on-air (ROKU) and online platforms.

Sponsorship of local programming adds impact and prestige to any marketing mix by associating your company with one of the leaders in local productions. As we are not a commercial network, we do not take any political or influential sides. We tell it the way it is. will also be acting as a backup company to gather news and provide independent LIVE streaming services for remote locations.


Donation Use

You may wonder why we just don't make short videos and post to YOUTUBE? Well we are on a different level, we are aiming at making quality shows and entertainment and it all adds up. Running a network station like ours is far cheaper than a convential TV station, however we still have things that need to be paid for and there are no real shortcuts ie:
Travel Expenses
Legal Contracts
Music Licensing
Equipment Maintenance
Software Licensing
Building Materials (set construction)



Are you Interested in volunteering at iTEN.TV? Find out more about individual volunteer opportunities or about bringing a group of volunteers to help with covering stories, supporting LIVE filming and fundraising.



When you volunteer with iTEN.TV, you can:

  • Support public broadcasting and make a difference!
  • Meet dedicated volunteers and staff who share your commitment to the community.
  • Engage in a variety of short- or long-term positions that match your interests, talents and schedule.
  • Learn new skills, from going behind the scenes, fundraising during a membership drive, participating in special station events at the station and in our community, assisting with pre-production work, and more!



Corporations can help with supplying iTEN.TV with services that it may require for certain projects.
Companies may also donate, any old electronic or computer peripherals. These maybe used by iTEN.TV or given to families or individuals in need.



Become a distinguished member of iTEN.TV, and you will be recognized for being a community leader whose support helps touch the lives of millions. Your gift may be directed towards:

  • Kids & Education – Engage and educate children, parents and teachers to improve school readiness and success.
  • Arts & Culture – Broaden access to arts and culture – locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Health & Wellness – Provide unique health education that will lead to improved access and expedited diagnosis.
  • Environment – Produce environmental programming that will educate and inspire solutions.

A significant portion of our funding comes from philanthropists who understand that locally produced shows are unique resource that helps to connect, inspire and feed curiosity.

Help us continue a legacy of trusted, valued, and essential programming for future generations.

If you just like what we do and would like to donate any amount or service you can at any time. Some donations may also be tax deductible.


Every amount makes a difference. Need more info?

Your donation goes to producing valuable content for a growing community.