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Welcome to iTEN.TV's "REAL AMERICAN RACING" show.

This website is the information portal for our new and exciting TV show focused on the "real" people who spend their time and money on racing in the US. This is not about multi million dollar operations, such as NASCAR. It's about the mums & dads that work normal jobs and struggle to go racing on the weekends. Without any exceptions, we also focus on the future generation of racers as well. There are kids as young as 9yrs old that go racing whenever they can, and they rely on mum & dad to foot the bill.

Each episode features a different story on how each individual survives in this multi billion dollar industry and how they compare to the like of racers on national television. There is obviously a key to success, and with the fall of NASCAR, will "REAL AMERICAN RACING" make a BIG comeback?

Everybody has a story to tell, and we want to share it with others. At the end of the day we can all inspire each other and help share the racing dream alive. Maybe even pick up a few new racers along the line.

No matter what kind of racing your into, from go karts, stock cars, modifieds, motorcross even sprint cars, lets let the world know that there is still REAL AMERICAN RACING.



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