iTEN.TV would like to welcome you to our newest racer "KYLIE ITH". This remarkable young lady is an inspiration to all. Polite, well mannered and in touch with reality. This 15 year old is a cut above the rest, not lost in the digital world, but in love with motorsports. We invite you all to come watch / follow her in her racing endevours.

Kylie started in "Quarter midgets" at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Utah when she was 6 years old. She had the oldest car on the track, but that never stooped her from finding victory lane many times.  Eventually she moved up to the 12 and older Jr. stinger class when she turned 12. She was competive with that class and decided her last race of the year she wanted to compete with the hornet class. She took the lead on lap 7 and there was no looking back she found victory lane and held off many adults whom have been racing many years.

In 2018 she was offered to drive for Lucky 13 Racing in the midget class. Many of her peers who she raced quarter midgets with were racing in this class for 2 years prior to kylie jumping in.

Kylie was fortunate to have one last race at Rocky Mountain Raceway before the track closed down for good. She is now a regular at Magic valley Speedway and Meridian Speedway. Kylie set a new track record at Magic Valley in her Rookie year.

She has won "Best of class" and "Rookie of the Year" in her first year in the midget class. After her taste for speed, her parents bought the car from Chuck Groat over the winter and was excited to see where her second year in the midget would go. She had a heavy wreckin her 2nd race of the 2019 season, but with the help of her sponsor's and her crew she was able to get the car fixed and come back to Twin Falls (her home track now) and win a main event.

A recent race at Meridian Speedway, Id had her wrecking hard into the wall after a panhard bar broke causing her not to turn. The team got the car home and stripped so it could be sent off to be clipped. 

She is leading the points at Magic Valley and is so gracious to Chuck and Julie Groat for lending their back up car so Kylie can race and hopefully keep her points lead. 

first car

Kylie started racing at just 6 years old.

2nd kart

This was her 2nd kart.


Kylie finds victory...many times


With strong family support, Kylies wins in the HORNET class..


"Rookie of the Year" 2018. There is no stopping this girl, her goals are big.

keep winning

Kylie's love & passion for racing shows, each time she hits the track. An inspiration for all.

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