About iTEN.TV

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A little about us

Whether it be a LIVE concert or a webisode, we assure iTEN.TV can provide plenty of entertainment for it's viewers. From road closures to events, iTEN has the ability to broadcast to you as it happens.

iTEN.TV is run by fulltime industry professionals who have been in the film and television industry for over 25 years. Some have come from network stations and some from production companies. Their combined skills and talent make them a team that can achieve just about anything.

If it's worth telling someone about it, iTEN.TV will be there to share the story. If it matters to the community, it matters to us. We have all gotten a little tired of the "Boutique" agency lifestyle and decided to branch out.

iTEN.TV, produces a variety of in house shows created by locals as well. While we don't feel the need to broadcast re-runs of shows from 20 years ago, We like to provide programming from all types of industry and local events as well.

With our creative team and constant show productions, iTEN.TV has the ability to create virtually any kind of set. With our green screen set we can create hundreds of backgrounds for any kind of show. Unlike most major broadcast networks that make it nearly impossible to get a show on air, iTEN.TV will work to it's fullest to help people with great ideas to get them produced.

We can also work with local businesses to help make national quality TV commercials. You don't need a million dollars to look a million dollars.


John D. (a.k.a Aussie)
Executive Producer - Cinematographer - Editor

Multi-award winning Cinematographer and Executive Producer, John D. oversees the production of the web
series for iten’s “Auto Collection Series”, as well as a few new productions for 2020.

With over 25 years experience as a cinematographer, filming everything from car commercials, TV shows, stunt scenes for movies and producing documentaries on cars and motorcycles as well as a camera op for NASCAR, NHRA,Formula 1 and the WRC. He is/has been into motorcycles for many years from building, racing and producing films on them.

John’s work doesn’t just stop there, he has also produced photographs for many magazines worldwide, from Australia’s Street Machine, Fast Fours & Rotaries, Live to Ride, To the US’s Road & Track, HOT ROD, Wheels etc. He’s TV work has been known for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Holden, Honda & Suzuki to name a few.

When Johns not working on a project he can be found at just about any car show nearby filming or taking pictures. Johns eye for detail and attention is an absolute asset to our productions, as well as his passion for cars and motorcycles.


Valerie D. (a.k.a Vegas)
Executive Producer - Photographer

More than just a pretty face, this former model and manager has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Val is now also a photographer/field producer. Her credits also extend out to 3 documentary films. Another grand accomplishment for Val is having put on the worlds first LIVE broadcast at the gates of the most notorious military base AREA 51. The event attracted 7.5 million viewers around the world.

While the pen pushers sit at their desks and call the shots, Val makes it all happen, Val makes sure everybody is in place, interviews get done correctly and each episode happens the way it should. From location scouting to photography she is a key person on every shoot.


Mike A. (a.k.a SIR)
Executive Producer - King of the Wing

Mike is a multi race car driver, from road course cars to non wing and winged sprint cars. Also one of the most patient and inspiring racers out there. When not on the track breaking records (Hermiston, OR 2019 - Fastest Track Time), he is working carefully on making the "King of the Wing" sprint car series show a success. His passion for the love of race cars has made him want to get into the business of helping to expose the sport further. Not only is he a technical advisor to iTEN.TV for the show but assists in marketing and guidance in the series.

He can also be found organizing Non-winged sprint cars and runs the ISRL series and running the Anderson 68 Racing team, where he manages a few cars and drivers. So if you see him at the track say hi...if you can catch him. This is a man with a mission.


Dwight E. (a.k.a DJ)
Show Host & Racing Advisor

"DJ” our show host is no newcomer when it comes to the world of motorsports. He has been and still is
a race car driver and a announcer. His past has included such tracks as the “Bullring” in Las Vegas,
Black Canyon Speedway, Pahrump, speedway, Meridian Speedway, Magic Valley Speedway plus many more across Idaho / Utah. “DJ’s” knowledge of racing and the drivers is a excellent asset to the iTEN.TV group. His professional attitude, appearance and ability to rebound on the spot, will make the viewing a wonderful and memorable experience for the viewers. His passion for cars is also a true asset to our productions.

"DJ" is also a local track race car driver. He drives the #15 in the "North West Truck Tour Series. "DJ" also likes to spend time at home watch anything and everything motorsports, however he can also be found Sunday nights on the Turn 5 Live podcast show.