what we do

Whether it be a LIVE concert or a webisode, we assure iTEN.TV can provide plenty of entertainment for it's viewers. From road closures to events, iTEN has the ability to broadcast to you as it happens.

iTEN.TV is run by fulltime industry professionals who have been in the film and television industry for over 25 years. Some have come from network stations and some from production companies. Their combined skills and talent make them a team that can achieve just about anything.

If it's worth telling someone about it, iTEN.TV will be there to share the story. If it matters to the community, it matters to us. We have all gotten a little tired of the "Boutique" agency lifestyle and decided to branch out.

iTEN.TV, produces a variety of in house shows created by locals as well. While we don't feel the need to broadcast re-runs of shows from 20 years ago, We like to provide programming from all types of industry and local events as well.

With our creative team and constant show productions, iTEN.TV has the ability to create virtually any kind of set. With our green screen set we can create hundreds of backgrounds for any kind of show. Unlike most major broadcast networks that make it nearly impossible to get a show on air, iTEN.TV will work to it's fullest to help people with great ideas to get them produced.

We can also work with local businesses to help make national quality TV commercials. You don't need a million dollars to look a million dollars.

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