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Video Production

We can take on any project from start to finish, regardless of size.


There are just some things your smartphone can't & won't do!

Graphic Design

Let us create a stunning master piece for you.

Event Promotion

Need your event to stand out?

Video Production

We are not just camera operators or videographers, we are highly trained "Cinematographers". We don't just go out and film whatever. We are trained in the art of lighting and also visual effects. Filming something isn't just about turning a camera on and filming away.

From script development, location scouting, permits, insurance, lighting, camera, crew, directing, producing,music,visual effects, color grading, mastering, authoring & dleivery. We can help you in any of the many functions of film & video development.


These days it seems like everybody can go out and by a DSLR camera and think they are professionals. But what about that creativety?

One of the toughest challenges we face everday is that everybody tells us "they can do it themselves". But then comeback to us and tell us, they just can't get it right. If your business or brand relies on exceptional presentation, it may be just the right path to go down and get a professional.

At times we may go way beyond what you may expect, but at least you will get that effect your after. Whether you need a product photographed our a striking calender, we can help you with all your needs.

Graphic Design

We are not your run of the mill graphic designers. We specialize in high end creative work. There are plenty of people who can be designers, but we tend to the other range of the spectrum. Another words, we don't use templates or use stock photography. Everything we design is from scratch and to your needs.

Whether it be high impact business cards, store displays, creative posters, album covers to magazine ads that stand out is our line of work.

Event Promotion

While every event seems to be on a tight budget, and relies on volunteers, to help promote it, sometimes hiring a professional can save a lot of time and hassle. Sure the public can take pictures and post to the internet, but it's not always the way you want your event to be promoted!

Relying on people with their smart phones isn’t always a good choice. If you want something promoted in a professional manner, sometimes you just need to use professionals. When it comes to capturing the moment, we know where to be and what to look out for. With over 20 years experience in events we know what it takes. We believe in making every shot tell a story. Let iTEN.TV be there for your next event or project. Because life sometimes doesn’t give you a second chance..

Filming Services

Our cinematographers can shoot on 16mm & 35mm film cameras and all kinds of digital cameras.


Specializing in Automotive, Sports, Product, Commercial, Entertainment & Retail.

Graphic Design

Custom business cards, posters, in-store displays, packaging, you name it, we design it.

Post Production

Need a quick edit? we also do color grading, motion graphics, even video compression & back ups.

Music Services

We do Voice Overs, sound effects, recording, mixing & mastering for film and music.

DVD Authoring

We can help with all types of DVD work, from menus, mastering compression and manufacturing.

Promotional Videos

From product videos, corporate events to national quality TV commercials.


Stuck writting your script, or even on your copywrite, we can help with that too.


We are heavily involved in the automotive industry. From filming, photography to producing tv shows.